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When it comes to purchasing a home or selling a residential property, trust goes a long way, and so does an integrity-driven ally who has nothing but your best interests at heart. Moreover, as an eager home buyer or seller, you realize what a huge investment (of both money and time) the entire process can be; therefore, your key ingredient to a successful transaction is a personable realtor who is also completely and utterly committed to results and making your experience as stress-free (and memorable) as possible. But can one trustworthy individual alone ensure such a seamless experience? This is where Katie Hartmark comes to the rescue: As a Licensed Real Estate Broker with an extensive leadership background and track record of successfully running a carpet cleaning company for a decade, she is armed with the multifaceted aptitude necessary to make sure each transaction is truly hassle-free and pleasant (from list all the way to close). She has even personally owned rental properties for over 10 years and hails from a long lineage of real estate professionals, including her mother and grandmother.

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Mill Creek, Washington

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