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How Do I Repair My Credit Score, Fast?

I have been asked a lot lately, how do I repair my credit?

How do I repair my credit fast, on my own and before I purchase a house?

I am NOT a professional credit repair company but in my professional experience this is a great first step and sometimes the only step needed in removing the negative remarks on your credit score that are negatively impacting you obtaining a home loan.

If you have a credit score between 300-600 this could drastically help you in obtaining your goal of home ownership. If you have a higher credit score or do not have many negative remarks you may not see the credit score increase you are hoping for. Here are a few simple steps to get you on the road to credit recovery!

1.) Get your free credit report.

Obtain your free credit report from By law, you can get a free copy of your report from each of these credit bureaus once a year, more if you are a victim of fraud or unemployed. You want to ensure that your credit report is accurate. You want to look for discrepancies, open accounts/closed accounts/delinquent accounts that are or may not be yours. You want to ensure you have all three agencies credit score Equifax, Experian, Trans Union.

2.) Identify Delinquent, adverse and negative accounts. Highlight them.

Highlight all the delinquent or adverse accounts you have on your report. Circle any items that are not yours (potential fraud we will address these later). You will make a list of the company name(s), the account number(s) and the amount(s) owed or charged off.

3.) Write a few letters.

You will write a letter(s) (free template provided) to the credit bureau that has the adverse account(s) requesting that the item(s) be removed. They are required to respond within 30 days. You will include your highlighted and circled document with each letter you send as supporting information. You will want to several letters if you have multiple types of adverse remarks Example: Charged Off Accounts, Late/Missed Payments, Accounts in Negative standing etc.

4.) Send Certified Mail.

Send the letter(s) and supporting documents certified mail. You will include a copy of the certified mail receipt proving that it was sent and requires a signature.

5.) Check Your Credit Report Again.

After you hear back from the credit agencies. Check your credit report again to ensure the items have been removed. It sometimes can take a few rounds of letters to have everything removed properly.

6.) Re-Check Your Score Every 4 Months

Check your score every 4 months and watch for delinquent, adverse or negative remarks. Address them as soon as they appear by following the steps you just completed.

7.)DO NOT Open Any New Accounts!

If you are purchasing a home or want to purchase a home DO NOT open any new credit card accounts, auto loans or other loans these can negatively impact your credit score.


Free Sample Credit Repair Letter.


<Your Name>

<Your Address>

<Your City, State, Zip Code>

<Name of Credit Bureau>


<City, State, Zip Code>


I am writing to dispute the following information in my file:

<Item 1: Name of Source, Type of Item, Account Number or Identifier>

<Item 2 if required, same format as Item 1>

You will also find this item circled on the attached credit report.

Do you have the right to report these account(s)? Do you have a document with my signature on it stating that it is mine and no one else’s? If not, please delete/remove these items.

I am asking you to reexamine this item and remove it my file at your earliest convenience. I sent this letter via certified mail to ensure this matter is resolved within the required 30-day window.


<Your name>

Enclosures: <List any included files / attachments>

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